Marvin's Junior Magic Lights

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Magically make lights anywhere. World renowned magician Marvin Burgles grew up within a family of magicians. He knows hundreds of baffling tricks and these light tricks are brilliant. You can make light appear, pick it up, throw it, bounce it, pull it around the room. It looks eerie, but when you discover the secret, you'll smile for sure. Check out the mastery guide, refine your moves to smooth and proceed to shine fun all around. Marvin's Magic Lights from Anywhere Make light appear, disappear, pick it up, throw it, bounce it. Secrets of real professional magician - Marvin Burgles Real magic made easy and understandable Sensational light effects are simple to master Encourages imagination, dexterity, presentation abilities Secrets and mastery guide included Junior and Adult Sizes based on body size Fully illustrated and explained trick Fun for a wide range of ages. Magic is normally based on dexterity, skill and many years of practice, but with Marvin's Magic, budding magicians can perform similar sensational effects in no time. It's professional magic made easy.

Ages: 8-15 years
Battery included.