Paper Chromatography Kit

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Chromatography is a cool scientific technique that uses special paper and water to separate out color mixtures. Reveal rainbows of colors in markers, candies, and flowers! This kit encourages girls to be creative, to design their own experiments, and doodle their ideas in their very own lab notebook.

This STEAM-focused kit explores the art & science of color. Learn a new science technique to uncover the rainbow of colors hidden in art supplies, food, and even plants! This award-winning kit is chock-full of high quality lab supplies and an engaging 28-page lab notebook with instructions for hundreds of exciting, color-changing experiments.

The kit contains a 32-page lab notebook, real lab equipment, including 2 beakers, colored safety goggles, 10 sheets of scientific chromatography paper (enough to make 240 test strips!), dropper pipette, stir stick, 32-page lab notebook, 12 colored markers and green food coloring for hundreds of exciting color-changing experiments.

Recommended for ages 8 to 12 years.