U-505: The Final Journey

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On June 4, 1944, the German submarine U-505 became the first man-of-war captured by the U.S. Navy in battle on the high seas since the War of 1812. Attacked by the American hunter-killer force Task Group 22.3 off the coast of West Africa, the 750-ton U-boat was forced to the surface after a fierce bombardment. Abandoned by the crew while partially afloat, it was boarded by American sailors and secretly tower to Bermuda. Renamed USS Nemo, it made a war bond subscription tour before docking to await scrapping. This book offers a vivid description of these events and continues the story by explaining how the U-505 became a major attraction at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

Author: James E. Wise Jr.
Hardcover: 205 pages
Publisher: Naval Institute Press and The Museum of Science and Industry